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Pre-paid Bulk Hours


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What are Prepaid Bulk Hours?

If you need ongoing consulting, project management, regular maintenance on your web site, newsletters, graphic design or handle general technical queries on your behalf then you should consider purchasing bulk hours in advance.

For example, if you need photos added to your site on a regular basis and don't have the time to do it yourself, we can help you with that. If you need some new pages added to your site, we can help you with it. If you need regular help and advice with anything and have no one else to ask, then you are free to ask us.

Four great reasons to use prepaid bulk hours

Less hassle for you, you do what YOU do best and let us take care of the tech

You don't need to waste your time learning how to resize images or make mailto links, we will do that for you. Just drop us a message or email us what you need doing, we will take care of the rest.

Access to discounted rates which save you a good deal of money

Depending on the number of hours you prepay, you can get up to 50% off our normal rate of $90 an hour. Your requests are also moved to the front of the work queue too!

You have control over your hours

For transparency, we maintain a strict log of all time spent on your account. This means when we do a job for you, the time is logged, you can view you in this order message as well. All the details and remaining hours in your account of your order.

Paid hours don’t expire, use them now or later

Unlike other companies who tie you down to monthly quotas or make your hours expire after a certain time period, you can use the hours when you like, no time limit, so you can pay now and use the hours next year if you want.

Rates for bulk hours

You pay for a block of hours in advance and request work when you need it. The hours do not expire and can be used anytime now or in the future. There is no minimum time for jobs, if you are asking a question and it takes us 1 minute to answer, then 1 minute will be logged to your account! No rounding up to 1 hour or anything like that.

Frequently Asked Questions About our Bulk Hours

Why do you offer generous discounts on the bulk hours?
The bulk hours serve as a "retainer" for our services, so instead of creating a quote every time you request a change to your website or need a consult, we can get to working on your request as quickly as possible and log the hours against your bulk hours credit. This saves us a lot of time and seeing the hours are prepaid, we think it only fair to offer a generous discount.
How do I see a balance of my hours?
When we complete a task, we will log the time and then an email will be sent to you, as simple as a click you will see the logs. It will be always on the web for you to check it.
How do you log the hours?
When you first book a block of hours on our order page, an bulk hours order will be created. We will credit your account with those hours. When we complete a request from you, we will deduct the time, in minutes, from the hours.

So if you ask us to do something and it took us 5 minutes, we will log for 5 minutes. we do not round up the time to do tasks.

Can I use the hours for any of your services?
You can use the hours for all labor hours tasks.
Can I use the hours for face to face consultations?
Yes, you can. As long as the meeting is in our offices. If you require us to go to your offices then we will add the travel time and travel expenses to the bulk hours credit on your account.
Do the hours expire or rollover when not used?
Once you have booked the hours with us, they do not expire. So if you buy the hours in 2018 and don't use them for two years, they will be valid when you decide to use them.
Are the bulk hours refundable?
No. Once you have booked the bulk hours, they are not refundable.
In stock Image Pre-paid Bulk Hours SKU Price
$45/hr for 100 hours $4500.00
$60/hr for 50 hours $3000.00
$70/hr for 25 hours $1750.00
$79/hr for 10 hours $790.00
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